The birth of Miako




It took shutting everything down, stopping and silencing for the new to replace the old. For new present moments to saturate my mind. For future visions to arrive very clear and alive.

To recognize the paradigm shift that is happening so rapidly around us all it takes silence and an openness to new ways

Mia Munro

As I looked around everything felt manic, a vibration so fast that my body had no choice but to shut down to evolve. It no longer required the engagement in what society defined as normal. I had to separate myself from the real world problems to be able to see clearly for true innovation. The risk of not doing this was enormous.

I knew that I did not serve my changemakers, whilst being an example of a giver, I displayed a pace that most could not thrive within. The determination to be an example engulfed my life, an example of standing as someone committed to changing the world was in fact depleting me! Huge wake up moments!

When you want to give back to humanity so deeply you sometimes sacrifice the life you were actually here to live. When your program to GIVE and GIVE is your life, you may burn out. You may collapse through giving. And although I have felt proud of my commitment to humanity, I also choose to feel proud of being a women who embraces rest, self indulgence and a fully connected life. Its gentle, its graceful and its alive. It allows me to be a women…and it is from this place that Miako was born.

My commitment had to start with me and now it is time to welcome you on this journey if this aligns for you…

It is not what you would expect, it is a journey of how we can ensure that our daily action positively impact our peers and it takes a moment to stop and tap into your true path. How you want to be in this lifetime and how your acts of giving back ensure they are aligned to what those in need require and what your heart needs too.

So as I meet you here today, I meet you as your peer,no pedestal… I meet you as women to women and women to man. I meet you authentically and I meet you to walk a path that can transform your life and the lives of so many others!


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Mia – Ko x

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