The Miako Story begins… Part 1





The Miako story is a unique one – imagine joining in the creation of a Social Enterprise from initial idea phase to start up and beyond.

Each stage has its own highs and lows and critical teachings are available through engagement!

So where did we start?

Well, it started in Currumbin, Gold Coast whilst I was in deep rest mode from complete exhaustion and yucky bugs picked up from my travels in Brazil. I was feeling very weak and an average day was around 1 hour out of bed. It was a scary time but I knew something was brewing from it.

I was sitting on the lounge with the most exquisite views of the hinterland and ocean. I was wearing one of my kimonos which was made with a stunning fabric that felt so comfortable against my skin. Everytime I wore it I felt majestic, glorious and free spirited. I felt beautiful.

And I had a moment… all my consciousness around the impact of my choices came flashing in front of me and I recognised that perhaps that garment was not made ethically, sustainably or with conscious choices throughout the whole process.

I have never been one to sit on an insight so I thought to start looking for other options. I had always stood for creating new choices that do not harm humanity and often would feel overwhelmed by the change I would need to make to be completely aligned.

So I searched for options, Garments that would have fabric made that was sustainable and non harmful to our environment. Dyes that would not run into our water systems and affect our animals. Working conditions that would honor all workers with fair pay and support healthy lifestyles. Designs that came from amazing artists whom could be recognized for their work. The list went on…

I found no option I could purchase as a consumer, I know there are many fashion brands becoming sustainable but not in the styles I loved so much! And not in my local area that I could find.

I saw OPPORTUNITY! But I knew that my mission was bigger than solely sourcing a solution to my fashion needs, it became obvious that there was a bigger game to be involved in that would naturally be in alignment for my highest good and also attract in those in abundance who were also aligned.


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Mia – Ko x

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